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July 30, 2021

Peterborough, Kawartha, Northumberland Online Scavenger Hunt

Deadline: July 31st, 2021, 5pm EST

As the province is opening and everyone is out exploring again we encourage you to see all the exciting attractions this region has to offer. Explore the attractions' websites to find the answers. Forms can be found down below ...


About Hutchison House

Sir Sandford Fleming, a cousin of Dr. Hutchison, lived in the house when he came to Canada in 1845, at 18 years of age.

Hutchison House is one of the oldest limestone houses in Peterborough. It was built by volunteers in 1837 for Dr. John Hutchison, the city's first resident physician. One of the bedrooms is dedicated to Sir Sandford Fleming, a cousin of Dr. Hutchison, who lived in the house when he came to Canada in 1845 at 18 years old.

Dr. John Hutchison, the city of Peterborough's first resident physician.

The Hutchisons lived in the house until 1847, when Dr. Hutchison died of typhus he contracted from his patients. In 1851, the house was sold to James Harvey, a prominent local merchant, and remained in the Harvey family until 1969, when it was donated to the Peterborough Historical Society.

The house was restored to the mid-1800s period and opened as Hutchison House Living Museum in 1978.

 Museum Highlights

  • the 1840s doctor's study with medical instruments, books, and furnishings
  • the Sir Sandford Fleming room, showcasing one of his original maps of Peterborough, his sextant, and other surveying tools
  • an early Victorian parlour
  • Hutchison House features a historic open hearth kitchen with period cooking utensils.
    the historic open-hearth kitchen with period cooking utensils
  • a children's bedroom with toys from the 1880s
  • historic gardens, including a cooking and medicinal herb garden

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