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October 22, 2017

Victorian Afternoon Tea

Date: Sunday October 22nd, 2017

Time: 2:30pm

The volunteers of Hutchison House Museum are hosting an elegant Victorian Tea on Sunday, October 22nd, 2017 starting at 2:30pm. A light lunch of savories, sweets and tea will be served in the historic Keeping Room. Tours of the museum will be ...


Summer Workshops

Are you looking to beat the summertime boredom? Parents or grandparents looking to find an activity to occupy some of the children's time this summer? Look to Hutchison House for the answer.

We offer a fun alternative to full time camp programs. We start on Wednesday mornings and by noon have completed something fun and exciting that your children will love to show off!

Programs run from 9:30am - 12pm. The cost is $15 per attendant and pre-registration is required. Children are encouraged to bring their own snacks.

For more information phone 705-743-9710.

2017 Summer Workshops

July 12-Dream Catchers

In the tradition of Native Americans, the children will create a gorgeous object that is also comforting- it will catch all of their bad dreams and only let their good dreams through!
July 19
-Teddy Bears

A hands-on activity, children will love making their very own teddy bear. Many different skills are involved in the creation of this toy, from cutting and sewing to drawing and decorating, the final result is oh, so satisfying.
July 2
6- Stained Glass (with plastic)
Stained glass has been manufactured for over a thousand years. It was used for light and beauty, to teach and inspire. Different pieces of coloured glass were cut and pieced together with lead to make different designs and tell stories. In this workshop children will used plastic and paint to create their own 'stained glass' fridge magnets to display at home.

August 2- Fairy Gardens

The Victorian era saw an increase in the interest in fairies and elves as settlers looked back to the folk tales of their ancestors. Fairies and elves were both good and bad, pranksters and helpful if you respected them, but caused problems when you didn't. In this workshop children will create their own fantastical woodland village using natural and recycled materials.
August 9-Bookbinding

In this workshop shildren will create their very own hand crafted journal. Your child will not only feel satisfaction for making their own book and personalizing it however they would like, but it will also make a great space for them to store memories.
August 23
- Tin Can Lanters and Beeswax Candles
If a pioneer needed a decorative light source for ambience they wouldn't turn to the nearest housewares department so why should your child? Why no let your child try their hand at making their own beautiful tin can lantern and authentic beeswax candle.

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